All my latest studio mixes:

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Ale Fillman b2b DJ Glayze - No Rest For The Soundbwoy (2014) :: A slammin' hour of Ragga Jungle, Hip-Hop, Jump-Up, Techstep and Funky Ass Bass Music with deadly scratching on top! Tracklist

Ale Fillman - Deadly Technics Vol 2 (2014) :: Lots of Hip-Hop and Trap Beats that build up and then flow into some deep Dub. Tracklist

Ale Fillman - Focus Attack (2013) :: Get ready for this bangin mix full mashed up genres and wikkid scratching with lots of chopped up vocals and massive basslines!! Tracklist

Make Dub Not War Vol 4 (2012) :: New mix for 2012!!! Featuring tunes from Beats Antique, Ale Fillman, Skream, Gucci Mane, Matty G, Datsik and tonz more... A dope variety of Bass Music! Tracklist

When Frequencies Collide (2011) :: This mix is packed full of Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Scratching, Mashups, Edits and Mid-Tempo GOODNESS!! Tracks from Ale, Run DMT, Gouseion, Datsik, Downlink, EMU and tonz more!! Tracklist

Make Dub Not War V3 (with Aporia) (2010) :: The 3rd installment from the Make Dub Not War Collection. Nasty Dubstep, Hip-Hop and House. Tracklist

Battle Talk (2010) :: A Battle Mix with 4 Djs including Ale Fillman, Odeed, Chewie and Zeno. Each DJ has around a 12 minute section. Tonz of Cutz, Juggles, Hip-Hop, Mashups, Dubstep and more... If don't have this mix, then get on it SUCKA!!!!!!! Tracklist

Delicate Beatz (2010) :: An unstoppable continuous mix filled with chopping and screwing edits and fierce scratching. Mashups/Hip-Hop/Dubstep/IDM with fun sample work the whole way through. A must have for your Ale Fillman Mix Collection!!! Features originals by him and Downlink and of course many other artists. Tracklist

Last Night My Turntables Killed A Soundbwoy (2009) :: Full of Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Fidget, Glitch-Hop and Bassline. Scratching and fun mixes the whole way through!! The name says it all! Tracklist

Deadly Dub Mix (2008) :: Features a few originals and a lot of Gangsta Dubstep tracks for your minds w/ glitching and scratching but don't be fooled there are some ragga bangers too!!!! Download this bitch NOW!!! Tracklist

Bang Your Dread (2007) :: Killer DnB and Hip-Hop w/ a hint of Glitch and more scratchin than a DJ dipped in poison ivy!

Who Loves Bass?! (2007) :: Slammin mix with a mix of all genres, well genres I like anyways. Dubstep/Glitch/Garage/DnB/Breakcore. Featuring tracks from Drop The Lime, Party Crashers Unite, Matty G, Ale Fiilman, Bong Ra and lots more........


  1. Ale Fillman - Deadly Technics Vol 2 - this one is my fav!

  2. Bang Your Dread (2007) - this mix is unavailable tho

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