Ale Fillman - Focus Attack

New mix from Ale Fillman!

KMFDM - Rebels In Kontrol (Ale Fillman Remix)

Check out and download this latest remix I did for KMFDM for the Occupy Wall Street movement!

When Frequencies Collide

Download the latest Ale Fillman mix. It's full of sick chops, edits, scratches and tunez!!

Battle Talk

Ale Fillman vs Odeed (hd4000) vs Chewie vs Zeno in an extraordinary mashup battle mix!!

Make Dub Not War Vol. 4

Aporia vs Ale Fillman - Brand new mix for 2012!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ale Fillman - Deadly Technics Vol 2 (DJ Mix)

New mix for 2014!

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Rodney Mullen Intro
Doin It Right - Daft Punk (Bird Peterson Remix)
Like a Pimp - Brillz and Z-Trip
??????? - UZ
Scumbag - Bro Safari
I Love a Hood Bitch - Shackles
Trap Shit V9 - UZ feat PAZ
Decisions - Borgore (ECT! ECT! Remix)
Another Way - Drankenstein
Fake Drop - Dark Dred
Hold it Down - Datsik feat Georgia Murray
Clowns - KillaGraham (Milo and Otis Remix)
The Brosassin Messiah VIP - Numbergame
Cross The Line - Distance
Gunshotta - Machinedrum (AMIT Remix)
Coming To Light (Instrumental) - Ale Fillman
Because Of You - RL Grime
Quantum Keyhole - Gouseion
So Far Away - DJ Madd

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Original Track - Coming To Light feat Fatima Lily

A different style from me. Track was written and produced by me. Lyrics written and performed by Fatima Lily. Was going through some rough shit in my life and one day this song just poured out of me. It helped me in a time of struggle and i sent it over to my friend Fatima who instantly wrote lyrics for it and I invited her over to record! I think it came out great!

Tribute Mix in Memory of Alan "Claw" Letko

Made this mix after hearing the sad news that Claw passed away suddenly. He was a great producer and will always be one of my favorites. Here are some tracks from him and projects he was involved in. TrillBass was a huge inspiration to my tracks in the early days of Dubstep!

1. Stackin - TrillBass and Solace
2. Hash n Hydro (TrillBass Remix) - Conscious Pilot
3. Snocap - TrillBass
4. Tony Danza - TrillBass
5. See You - Hulk
6. Swagger - Trillbass and Symbl
7. Angel Dust - Hulk
8. Where's Your Head At (Hulk's Rave Monster Rmx) - Bassment Jaxx
9. Fist Pump - TrillBass
10. Save Me From Myself - TrillBass
11. Day n Night - (TrillBass and E Remix) - Kid Cudi
12. Lotus - TrillBass
13. Get Some - TrillBass
14. Do Or Die - TrillBass and Symbl Remix
15. No Gravity (Claw VIP) - Patrick Wallace
16. The Broasassin Messiah VIP - Numbergame
17. Ruckus - Claw

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Am Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary

I was just wandering around on YouTube this morning and ran into an amazing just released for everyone Documentary! This goes into great depths talking to the key players such as Justin Wong, Seth Killian and Alex Valle on their history with the game and how it helped them grow as people, they also talk with many Street Fighter enthusiasts and the game developers overs the different versions of the game. This is a must watch for anybody into Street Fighter, competitive gaming or just remembers back in the day of being 16 throwing your first fireball or dragon punch!

Watch it below for free!!